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    • SolverPI-Particle 1600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Particle 1600Product Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle.(Pure Resin for Injection Molding Grade). Application: Injection moulding a variety of mass production of high temperature resistant parts. (Can replace Mitsui AURUM ® PL450C).Read More2014-09-15

    • SolverPI-Composite 2600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Composite 2600SOLVER Polyimide is the only reliable factory who can produce thermoplastic polyimide resin particles!The specifications of Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle (Composite Resin for Injection Molding Grad) SolverPI-Particle 2600 is similar as SolverPI-Particle 1600Read More2014-09-16

    • SolverPI-Powder 1600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Powder 1600Product Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Moulding Powder Item No.: SolverPI-Powder 1600Mesh size: =200 MeshSPECIFICATIONS:PropertiesTesting MethodUnitValueBasic performanceAppearance//Light YellowLinear expansi...Read More2014-09-15

    • SolverPI-Profile 1600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Profile 1600Product Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Profile Item No.: SolverPI-Profile 1600Appearance: Light brown and transparentDensity: 1.38g/ cm3The glass transition temperature: 260?Long term use of temperature: 235 ...Read More2014-09-16

    • SolverPI-Adhesive 1600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Adhesive 1600Product Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Adhesive(Specially for Copper Clad Laminate).Item No.:SolverPI-Adhesive 1600.The flexible copper clad(FCCL)refers to the polyimide film flexible insulating material such as single-side or double-side, through a certain process, with copper foil adhesive formed by copper clad.Read More2014-09-16

    • SolverPI-Powder 1600X

      Contact NowSolverPI-Powder 1600XProduct Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Moulding Powder Item No.: SolverPI-Powder 1600XMesh size: =800 MeshSPECIFICATIONS:PropertiesTesting MethodUnitValueBasic performanceAppearance//Light YellowLinear expans...Read More2014-09-15

    • SolverPI-Liquid 1620

      Contact NowSolverPI-Liquid 1620Product Name: Thermoplastic polyimide liquidItem No.: SolverPI-Liquid 1620SPECIFICATIONS: PROPERTYTESTING STANDARDUNITVALUEAppearance--Transparent homogeneous  viscous liquidThe water content-Wt%0....Read More2014-09-15

    • SolverPI-Powder 2600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Powder 2600Product Name: Thermosetting polyimide moulding powder                (Specially for Diamond grinding wheel)Item No.: SolverPI-Powder 2600...Read More2014-09-16

    • SolverPI-Composite 3600

      Contact NowSolverPI-Composite 3600Product Name: Thermoplastic Polyimide Particle            (Composite with Glass Fiber)Item No.: SolverPI-Composite 3600SOLVER Polyimide is developing th...Read More2014-09-16

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    SOLVER POLYIMIDE founded in 2010 November, is a professional and high-tech manufacturer of POLYIMIDE (PI) and its products with the name “GOLDEN PLASTIC”. SOLVER POLYIMIDE is one of the manufactures of Thermoplastic Polyimide, Thermosetting Polyimide, Polyimide Powder, Polyimide Pallet, Polyimide Liquid, Polyimide Profile, Polyimide Particle, Polyimide Monomer, Polyimide Foam , Polyimide Resin, Polyimide Coating, Polyimide Composite Material, Polyimide Liquid Crystal Alignment Agent and so on. thermoplastic polyimide factory, company, wholesale, buy, products. SOLVER POLYIMIDE’S polyimide is a kind of high performance engineering plastic. It not only has excellent thermal, mechanical, dielectric, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance and anti-radiation performance, but also has good machinability. It can be shaped through different methods such like molding, extrusion, injection molding and injection....
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